A letter to the Owners of The Factory Theatre from Joyce Kulhawik @SmallStagesSOS

Dear Manager of Piano Craft Guild,

By now you have no doubt been bombarded with negative response to your recent decision not to renew the lease for the Factory Theatre. See my colleague Ed Siegel’s recent article.

I am writing not just to join the chorus, but to suggest working with you to find a way to solve the problem with the theater artists who work there and who help enhance the desirability of the area and the building as a location in Boston. In fact, this issue is among the key issues we will be discussing at a statewide gubernatorial forum on ARTS & CULTURE this Tuesday (7/15) which I will be moderating. The Boston Theater Critics Association of which I am president has also honored the Factory Theatre with a special citation and monetary award to support their efforts as a breeding ground for new artists and new work. I have been to the Factory Theater and been impressed by what I have seen, some of the work originating there having gone on to larger venues and longer runs in the city.

Why not give these theater companies a chance to survive– and dare I say it–THRIVE– by working out a mutually beneficial solution to the problem?! How great is it that edgy, award-winning theater companies are located in your building? In fact, “THEATER” is touted on your own website as one of the building’s selling points. At the very least, how about giving these tenants at least a year to work this out so they have a reasonable chance to relocate? The suddenness of the decision is particularly detrimental and strikes me as unusually “tone deaf” for the Piano Craft Guild.


In 2009, Joyce Kulhawik was named the StageSource Theatre Hero. In addition to her reviews (featured on “Joyce’s Choices”), she is an arts advocate. @JoyceKulhawik

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