Invest in Yourself

We are one week away from starting a new series of classes here at StageSource. Called “Basic Training: Strengthening Your Administrative Core“, these are more than just best practices, or basic how-to-produce workshops.

They are an opportunity to invest in yourself, and your success.

We have geared the classes to individual artists, or people running (or working with) small and fringe companies. But the classes are also an opportunity for arts administrators to refresh their skill sets, or build new ones. Additionally, you will be meeting people who work in the arts community, and spending six Monday nights with a group of people who will become a network of support as you move forward.

Training is an important part of the theatrical process. Performers take classes, playwrights workshop new work. Arts administrators need to do the same thing. The path to success is not without detours, or opportunities to take a side trip that may be a better route to success for your work, or your company. There are basic skills you need to know (budgeting, marketing, legal knowledge, audience development), but even these can be adapted to support your success.

I teach arts management classes at Emerson College. In the ten years I have taught, I have changed my approach to the topic drastically. From “here’s how to start a company” to “don’t start a company right away, do your work first and figure out what works”. From “here’s how to write a grant” to “there are a lot of ways to raise money, which works best for your project?”. From “here’s how to measure success (one size fits all)” to “let’s talk about success for you as an artist. What does that look like, and how do you/we support it?”.

I have also availed myself of workshops and classes. I regularly read a number of blogs and publications. Even though I teach and am very knowledgeable, I never stop learning. The arts world is changing, and we all need to build up the skills to lead the change.


The Basic Training classes are an opportunity for you to invest in yourself. And what better investment is there, really? There is work to be done, and changes that need to be made; help us strengthen the core of the people who are going to do it.

Will we see you in one or all of the Basic Training classes? Please call us in the office with any questions, or to sign up. We are open to setting up a payment plan if that is easier for you. Give us a call at 617-720-6066.


About jhennrikus

Julie Hennrikus is the Executive Director of StageSource
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