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One of the great things about StageSource gatherings is the opportunity to talk to people who come to theater from the “other” side. I work on the administrative side — marketing, fundraising — so I love hearing from people on the artistic side. And from what people tell me, the reverse is true as well — that the actors, directors, writers, and designers are often very interested in learning more about how the administrative side works. We are sometimes a mystery to each other, but clearly you need both sides if you’re going to produce theater.
The upcoming workshop series “Basic Training” was developed out of this kind of interaction. At the conference, the sessions about finding spaces to make theater, about the challenges of small and fringe theater management, and about fundraising drew large audiences. Many were theater professionals who wanted to start their own small companies or produce shows on their own, but who didn’t feel confident in their understanding of the business end of the theater business.
The “Basic Training” series addresses these professional development needs. It’s intended to give theater professionals a well-rounded exposure to all the administrative elements you need. The workshops are being run by accomplished professionals who actually do this stuff for a living — Sara Stackhouse from Actors’ Shakespeare Project, Darren Evans from the BCA, Megan Low from Arts and Business Council’s, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Program, to name just a few. You’ll have the chance to learn the nuts and bolts from these professionals, and in a small-group setting where you can interact with your peers as well.
The first session is on October 21. Please click here to find out more, and join us!

Janet Bailey, Basic Training Creator

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