Reframing Success with Your Non-Profit Board

Joan Lancourt (Board Chair of Underground Railway Theater) is going to do a workshop at the conference about non-profit boards. She is passionate about this subject, and the role boards can and should play in non-profits. Here is her description of the workshop:

The theme of this StageSource conference is redefining success.  Non-profit theater boards can also benefit from rethinking and redefining their roles and criteria for success.  Old approaches to board development are no longer sufficient: faced with major shifts in the demographics of our communities, in the impact of social media on our society, and the current economic climate, the future shape of non-profit theater is up for grabs, and board will play a key role in defining this future.  The goal of this workshop is to launch a conversation about these dynamics, share and learn from some emerging best practices – in the non-profit theater world and beyond, and begin to chart some appropriate next steps.  By definition, there is as yet no tried and true formula for success, so don’t expect to leave with a 6 step process, or a recipe, but a number of fruitful new approaches are emerging that we can use to guide us as we move forward.

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Julie Hennrikus is the Executive Director of StageSource
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