Get Ready for the StageSource Job Fair!

Tis the season. The StageSource Job Fair is Saturday, February 23 at the Back Bay Events Center. Applications for internships and summer work are available. And there are jobs available. Here are some of the listings in Massachusetts (from

I have five tips for you as you consider coming to the StageSource Job Fair, or sending your resume in for a job.

  1. If you are coming to the StageSource Job Fair, or going to another event where you have a networking opportunity, put your best foot forward. Dress professionally. Bring your resume(s) and business cards. If you are a designer, bring your portfolio. If you are digital, bring a tablet or your computer.
  2. Bring the right resume for the job. If you are a stage manager and want a job in event planning, you have the skills. But your show resume doesn’t translate. Do the work for the person hiring. Translate your experience for them–don’t make them work to do it. Everyone should have several resumes. A resume doesn’t get you a job, it gets you an interview. Make it easy for the person hiring to want to meet you.
  3. Learn the power of networking. Do informational interviews with people, and ask for their advice. Talk to friends, career councilors, alumni offices. Have you lost contact with someone? Re-establish it. The trick to networking is to do it when you don’t need to–pay it forward.
  4. Make sure your social media presence supports your job search efforts. Don’t put anything in an email, on Facebook, or on Twitter, that you wouldn’t want announced over a loudspeaker. Untag your questionable photos. Consider getting a page, rather than just having a profile. Lock down your privacy settings, but also understand that there is no privacy in the world of social media. So watch what you say, how you comment, and who you RT.
  5. And finally, do it. Get yourself out there. And if the idea scares you a bit, that’s an even greater sign that you need to do it.

StageSource sends out job announcements every week. HireCulture is another resource. Do you have a good resource for job searches? Feel free to share them in the comments.

I hope to see you all at the StageSource Job Fair!

About jhennrikus

Julie Hennrikus is the Executive Director of StageSource
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