The Art of Conversation

Believe it or not, I love to have meetings. I love the opportunity to have conversations with people about a specific topic, and then to listen and learn while the conversation takes different tangents. I hear about career paths, mentoring advice, struggles, triumphs, challenges, process, training, inspiration and aspiration. I have long conversations about how an individual defines success for him or her self. Our community is a generous one, and we are wonderful at sharing our stories.

I also love on topic conversations. “Did you read this article?” “Who saw this show/workshop/reading?” “What do you think of this pricing model?” “How do you use social media?” “I wonder how they are going to cast this?” Conversations without a right or wrong answer, but lots of points of view.

And I love to learn. As I get older, I realize how little I know. Going to a workshop on closed captioning options, hearing about models for play development, learning how to get impact numbers and what they might mean, being introduced to new tools, tips, and techniques–there are so many resources available to us. And opportunities to create best practices and develop new models for doing our work.

These conversations and others don’t need to be private. Nor should they be. They add dimension to our sector, and help provide insight to our work. That is what “Live from the Library” is about. Opening up the conversation. Encouraging participation. Creating an incubator for change.

StageSource has a little over a week to go in our Indiegogo “Live from the Library” campaign. We made our goal an audacious one, and we have a ways to go. But 60 people (we’ve had two checks come in) have given us support, and that means the world.

Please consider supporting “Live from the Library”. Help StageSource start some new conversations, and then open them up to the world.

About jhennrikus

Julie Hennrikus is the Executive Director of StageSource
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