Live from the Library, who is on your list?

Jen O’Connor and Lorna Nogueira

In the fall of 2005, three friends were gearing up for our first show. We were new to town, and knew no actors, no designers and really nothing about how producing a show worked in Boston. (Really, we could have probably planned better.)

But we ponied up the (really low) cost of becoming a member of StageSource and all of a sudden we had resources. There was an online database of actors and designers that we could tap into. I read The Source cover-to-cover and called or emailed pretty much every rental venue in it (we were incredibly lucky to meet Jennifer Johnson and John Peitso at the Charlestown Working Theater who gave us our home for our first season). And we made use of the weekly email newsletters to publicize both our auditions and our production. Somehow, we had a cast, a crew and an audience. And because we were able to pull The Possibilities together, we were able to start the groundwork for what Whistler in the Dark would be.

Eight seasons later, we still use StageSource to find actors, to publicize our work to the community and to reach out to artists and venues. And over the past eight seasons, as I’ve grown up through the Boston theatre community, I’ve come to treasure just what a resource StageSource is – it’s not just a place where artists can go for information and guidance, but it is also a community hub. We are more of a community because StageSource provides a central place for us to gather, and hosts opportunities throughout the season for us to reflect on our craft and our work.

Live from the Library is an opportunity to make that nexus more accessible. Once the project really begins, I’ll be able to tap into the huge knowledge base of our community – not just on the nights when I don’t have rehearsal and can make the time to attend one of StageSource’s many events. Late at night, after I get home from rehearsal, I’ll be able to log on and listen to and learn from my colleagues across the city.

I hope the community can recognize the value of this – and can help fund this project. And I think we will. If every StageSource individual member can give $10 we’ll be there. And we can all give $10, right?

So, what would you like to see on the series? Who do you want to sit down with? Whose brain do you want picked? I’ll start the list – join in with your requests:

  • Jason Slavick, of Liars&Believers, to talk about the creation of 28 Seed
  • Darren Evans, of Theatre on Fire, to talk about his Home Invasion production
  • A round-table discussion of directors working as free-lancers around town and talking about the challenges and opportunities provided by this style of working

Whose on your list?

Meg Taintor

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2 Responses to Live from the Library, who is on your list?

  1. Ok, my list would include:

    -a roundtable of Boston designers, how (and where) they do what they do
    -get a sneak peak of the first read through for one of the compelling shows in next year’s season. Speakeasy’s Clybourne Park, maybe. Or Invisible Man at the Huntington. Or Fire on Earth at Fresh Ink.
    -a cataloging or behind-the-scenes of New England theater traditions. The summer road trip to Shakespeare & Co. Mill6’s the T plays. The Theater Marathon. Our fabulous Boston actors leading historic tours in Colonial garb.
    -Interviews with the last decade of StageSource Theater Heroes focusing on their advice to the emerging artists in our community

    Oh, there’s like a billion more…

  2. Alan White says:

    I’d like to groups of theater folk from the different disciplines, actors, directors designers, etc. discuss particular plays, or playwrights. I’d also like to here from some of notable and emerging Boston playwrights on their craft and how they work.

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