Live From The Library: The Idea

StageSource, Executive Director Julie Hennrikus explains, Live from the Library.

Rather than bemoan the changes in funding, audiences and arts coverage, I want to embrace the possibilities that these changes offer.  Technology and social media have taken down the gatekeepers to telling our stories.  Individuals and small organizations can have a voice in the conversations which flow between audiences, artists and organizations.  Instead of competing for diminishing arts coverage, let’s create it.  Let’s have accessible and public conversations about career paths, about how theater is created, about the craft.  Let’s use the virtual world to strengthen our very real and concrete community of artists, audiences and organizations.

  • We need to have the technology to produce content.
  • We need to make sure people know about it.
  • We need to organize it so people can find what is useful for them.
  • We do not need another set of entries in a Google search. We need a better and more organized forum.

We want our Library to become a virtual resource that helps our theater community thrive. We want to provide videos that:

  • Let experienced members of our community share their knowledge
  • Provide tutorials on how to pitch a project or audition
  • Share information about theater happenings in New England
  • Record our local theater history
  • And whatever else our members feel will educate themselves and inform their audiences.

Whether you are a StageSource member, a theater lover or just someone who ended up on our Indiegogo page – please make a donation to bring our Library to life.  StageSource’s mission is to help advance theater in the Greater Boston and New England areas – but we can only do it with your help. Please donate to Live from the Library today.

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