How do we use new technology to support one of the oldest art forms?

Dear Friends,

This summer, StageSource is undertaking the challenge of raising $15,000 to transform StageSource from an office space to an artistic platform, and we need your support. StageSource has been around for twenty-six years. During those years, we’ve seen a lot of changes to our community. But the last five years have seen more than changes—we’ve seen the beginning of a different model entirely. Think about it. Media coverage has changed, and in some cases, disappeared. Traditional funding sources have decreased. But, in both of these cases, social media and technology have provided alternatives to the traditional, like YouTube and Indegogo. These alternatives provide much more than media coverage and funding sources.

They help build community.

For theater to work, there is a dynamic between the individual theater makers, the organizations, and the audiences. In the past, conversations between these three groups has been driven by a show, or used for marketing purposes. But social media has changed that dynamic as well. Conversations can be between organizations and theater makers, or organizations and audiences, or theater makers and audiences. The individual has a role, and a voice, in these new communication efforts. Creation, curation, and distribution of content can be challenging.

But not if this plan works.

As you may or may not know, our office library contains over 2,000 scripts, which members are always welcome to come in and read. Many companies also send their scripts to the office in advance of auditions. Although we are fortunate to possess these scripts, we want to step it up. We’ve decided to call this effort our Live from the Library initiative.

Live from the Library will make the StageSource library your communication hub, your green room, your meeting destination. We want to tape and film content from our library, and deliver it to all three theater constituencies. Content will include professional development how-tos, social media lessons, and other useful tools. We will also feature conversations by and between theater makers about their craft, process, career paths, and best advice. Individuals who work with companies and who freelance will have a platform. Live from the Library will let us tell our stories, and use a platform to push the stories out.

This initiative isn’t just about StageSource pushing content to you. We want you to create content as well. If you have a topic you want to discuss, ideas that need sharing or a story that needs telling, we’ll accept proposals for podcast ideas. Accepted proposals will have access to space and equipment to use on site to create your own content.

Although the prospect of our Live from the Library series is great, we cannot do it without your help.

Live from the Library is an idea—how do we use new technology to support conversations about one of the oldest art forms? How do we support and encourage conversations between the three legs of the theatrical table—audiences, theater makers and organizations? How can we learn from each other? And how can we shine a light on our vibrant theater community?

Live from the Library will dynamically change our community. Part of this initial launch is brainstorming what tools to use, what equipment we need, and who can help. And then going for it.

The future is in your hands, and the visibility of our sector depends on you. Will you answer the call? Consider making a donation. Your donation, no matter the size, will go towards creating a better StageSource and a stronger community.

Julie Hennrikus

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