You Are StageSource, You Are Live from The Library

We all got into the arts because we like stories.  We like to tell stories, hear stories and read stories. Many of us like to dress up and act out stories for other people or help people dress up, or light the people who dress up and on and on.   Live from the Library is our attempt to get more of our stories out there; to other theater artists, to our audiences, to anyone that loves theatre and wants to know more about how it’s made.

Consider this the Special Features, the Behind the Scenes, the Extras and the Bonuses. Making theatre happens in so many different and fascinating ways.  Happy accidents are made in a rehearsal one evening, very deliberate choices are made about a moment based on something we’ve read or a painting that struck us as in the same spirit as the play we are working on.  How and why we make our artistic choices are known to a small group of people working on a play, but what if we opened it up and allowed more people to look into our laboratory and see how we make our discoveries?   I know that listening to other artists talk about how and why they do what they do pushes me to reach further and ask myself harder questions.

That’s what this is about and the most exciting part is that there are no parameters.  No rules.  HOW we do this is entirely open and that’s where we need the input and the imagination and the resources of our members.   Maybe its artist interviews, or the arc of a set or lighting design from first meeting through strike, or the biography of a character through their clothing and accessories, or the reason you chose these five plays for your season this year and what you want to say with them.  Maybe it’s none of these but something entirely different that we haven’t even thought of yet.  We won’t know until we try to make it a possibility.  StageSource is not just four people in an office, it is you.

YOU are StageSource and we want you to tell your stories.


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