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No Money, No Problems

Finances.  I barely keep track of mine.  I know enough to pay my bills on time, put some money in my savings account and contribute to my 401K.  But it took me years to get to this point.  Working in … Continue reading

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You Are Here

Over the weekend, I went to the final open rehearsal for the Foundry Theatre’s “How Much is Enough? Our Values in Question” at ArtsEmerson.  The play is a series of questions posed to the audience discussing birth, death, love, money, fantasy, … Continue reading

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Chicken Days and Snap Pea Days

Not infrequently, I find myself wondering if it is actually possible to attain the joy of a perfectly balanced day that holistically incorporates personal time, family, day jobs, theatre, loves, fun, and sleep in one marvelous 24 hours complete with … Continue reading

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Putting it Together

Well, the theatre season has definitely arrived.   I’m already looking at three shows on my calendar for this week and it doesn’t show signs of letting up any time soon.   Although  marketing is an essential part of a show’s visibility, … Continue reading

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