The Shape of Things

After several post conference discussions with StageSource members, conference attendees, our Board and a host of others, we have culled together a list of StageSource “Working Groups”.

We invite you to look over these groups.  If you’re civic/community minded, would  like to be involved in Boston Theatre and StageSource on a more grass roots level then sign up for a group by contacting us.  Tell us which group(s) you’d like to be a part of.  Once we’ve got some names and some interest we’ll contact groups and begin convening.

This is just the start of something.  Ideas, visibility, community building, the list goes on.  It is your chance to shape the community and the organization that serves it.  We hope you’ll get involved!

Advocacy Committee – Underscores the importance of developing strong public policies and appropriating increased public funding for the arts.  We do this by-

  • Building relationships with state and local policy makers, arts advocate groups,  and community leaders.
  • Telling the story of the Boston Theatre Community to city, state, local and national agencies. And then telling them all again.
  • Figuring out ways we can support the government and their initiatives with our community.

The Advocacy Committee also educates the community on legislative activities that affect the arts with a particular interest in theatre.   The Committee encourages theatre artists and supporters to participate in national and local advocacy initiatives.

Community Engagement Committee – Is part of StageSource’s  Community Supported Theatre Initiative.  The Engagement Committee connects artists, producers, audiences and theatre supporters by:

  • Sharing information about community events.
  • Finding new and interesting ways to get people involved in theatre through the creation of targeted events, social media campaigns, etc.
  • Cultivating taste and appreciation for theatre (letting them know about readings, talkbacks, other opportunities for

Mobilization Committee – This committee is tasked with creating a database of theatre galvanizers, authorities, specialists, and heavy weights.  The committee will create a “phone tree” or real time social network whose duty is to assist in spreading the word about events, participate in community events, and lend their expertise and advice to theatre companies and the organizations that serve them.  When an event happens (ie a natural disaster) this committee will help figure out the best way for our collected community to respond. The mobilization committee will assist in the creation of programming ideas for StageSource and initiatives for the larger theatre community.  Works closely with the Community Engagement Committee.

Branding Committee – This committee is charged with communicatingBoston’s theatrical identity to the nation.  The committee will do this by –

  • Identifying what makesBostonunique as a theatrical center.
  • Creating opportunities to raiseBoston’s visibility in the national arena

Mentoring Committee – Charged with finding mentorships opportunities for all members of the Boston Theatre community.  Creating partnerships that mentor both up and down utilizing the strength of the entire sector to advance the art of theatre and the learning base of the artists who make it up.

School Liaison Committee – Responsible for reaching out to High School and College students, teaching them about StageSource and existing opportunities in the Boston Community, connecting them with possible mentors, and creating a list of community members who are willing to do outreach. We want them to seeBoston as a viable option after graduation.

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