Big Block of Cheese Day

Remember how on the West Wing the Bartlet administration would stop once a year and direct its attention to special interest groups that normally did not get the attention of the White House staff?  Everyone was always pretty cynical about “Big Block of Cheese Day” but by the end of the episode at least one or two of them were looking at some issue in a new way.


Ok if not here’s some reminders.

C.J. and Josh listen to a proposal to change our current cartography system to
more accurately represent the size and location of the continents.

C.J. sits through a proposal to build a private highway for migrating wolves.   (I
challenge you to watch this one and NOT say to yourself, “Wow, Allison Janney really
DOES look like Maureen Keiller!” Amirite?)

Finally, President Bartlet takes us home.

Without sounding too grand (too late, I’m sure) StageSource is taking old Jed’s advice
to “challenge us to work harder and go farther.”  We are opening the office every Tuesday from 1pm to 5pm for members to stop by to chat about ANYTHING they’d like.

-Need help scanning and uploading your headshot and resume to the StageSource

-Don’t understand how to login to read the weekly announcements since the format

-Want some advice or assistance on an idea or proposal for a theatre project?

-Have suggestions or recommendations for programs, services or changes StageSource should consider?

-Just want to sit and pick the brains of the staff on auditions, companies, job,
headshots and more?

We spend a great deal of time here in the office shooting ideas back and forth
about how to make our services better.
Come join the conversation!

About jjstagesource

Jeremy Johnson is the Member Services Mananger at StageSource and has been since graduating Emerson College in 2000. He has also worked as a freelance director throughout New England at companies including Gloucester Stage, Foothills Theatre, Stoneham Theatre, The Theater Offensive, Mill 6 and Boston Directors' Lab. He's worked backstage at "Blue Man Group" and onstage at "Shear Madness". His production of "Speech & Debate" at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston won the 2009 Elliot Norton Award for Best Production for a Mid-Size Company. He has also taught at The Cambridge School of Weston, Beaver Country Day School, Gann Academy, The Winsor School and Walnut Hill School for the Arts.
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