Let Them “Like” You

When I speak with theater students about transitioning from college I suggest they get a fan page on Facebook. Fan page is not well named. What it really is a professional presence. I suggest this to students because they have been on Facebook for years, and their entire life collides there. Adding strangers, or potential employers, to the mix is challenging.

I also suggest it to people with established careers. It helps separate your worlds, lets people connect without crossing privacy boundaries, and lets you control your message. Your fan page can also have administrators to help maintain it. Do chose your adminstrators carefully, since they can kick you off your own page. But that’s another post.

How do you create a fan page? This link explains it, or you can look at the left hand column of your Facebook page, click “ads and pages” and on the top right click “add a page”.

Once you have 25 “likes” go to this link and get a username, ie http://www.facebook.com/stagesource

Let us know when you set your fan page up, and we will make sure and “like” you.


About jhennrikus

Julie Hennrikus is the Executive Director of StageSource
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7 Responses to Let Them “Like” You

  1. Excellent post. I also wish the title were being sung to the tune of “Make Them Hear You” from Ragtime.

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