Embracing the Wonders of the Interwebs

A few months back I wrote a post about my struggles with adapting new technologies into my life and finding ways to use these resources to benefit me as an artist.  After some hand-holding from our new tech-savvy Executive Director and some dedicated surfing, I am starting to come across some great new sites and sounds to bookmark and check in with on a regular basis but I know that you all will have even MORE suggestions for me….

As a director, I always find it invaluable to hear from others about their process; from rehearsal to play selection to where they got started and how they found that elusive day job that keeps them from starving to death.   Actors can watch others actors easily and often but directors don’t often get an opportunity to watch one another at work.  I’ll be posting more about Observerships in the coming weeks but for now:

2AMt, a fabulous theatre blog has started a weekly series interviewing directors from all over the country about just this sort of thing and although it’s been all white guys so far, they are finally getting some responses from a more diverse crowd.  Check it out.

The American Theatre Wing has several amazing podcasts worth listening to while strolling from the StageSource office down to the BCA.  “Downstage Center” and “SDCF Masters of the Stage” are my two current favorites.  Hearing theatre artists tell their own individual stories of how they got started and the crazy and often non-linear paths their careers have taken has been both inspirational and comforting to me as I continue to navigate through a life in the theatre.

Now, I KNOW this is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are many of you out there far more web proficient than I.  What do you have bookmarked to check every day and what podcasts are you finding valuable?   Feel free to list them in the comments section.


About jjstagesource

Jeremy Johnson is the Member Services Mananger at StageSource and has been since graduating Emerson College in 2000. He has also worked as a freelance director throughout New England at companies including Gloucester Stage, Foothills Theatre, Stoneham Theatre, The Theater Offensive, Mill 6 and Boston Directors' Lab. He's worked backstage at "Blue Man Group" and onstage at "Shear Madness". His production of "Speech & Debate" at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston won the 2009 Elliot Norton Award for Best Production for a Mid-Size Company. He has also taught at The Cambridge School of Weston, Beaver Country Day School, Gann Academy, The Winsor School and Walnut Hill School for the Arts.
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1 Response to Embracing the Wonders of the Interwebs

  1. Robyn Linden says:

    Jeremy, I’m so glad you’re embracing these awesome resources! I’m a bit obsessed with the American Theatre Wing podcasts myself, and use them as a source of inspiration all the time. I also love The Moth podcast, and TEDtalks videos, all available in the iTunes store for free 🙂

    For a good daily dose of arts news I recommend subscribing to Thomas Cott’s You’ve Cott Mail at http://thomascott.com

    I also use Google Reader to capture all my favorite blogs in RSS (Really Short Syndication) format, so any backlog of unread entries gets held in a net for a free moment to catch up.

    The important thing to remember is that this content gets out there faster than you can possibly consume it, so don’t let the exciting amount of information overwhelm you. Just browse, skim, and listen on the go if you’re checking out podcasts. Use Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you like! Using your friends and colleagues as curators is the best way to get your finger on something new.


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